Iron Man Suit for Sale – Why not make your own?

Hey Chris Here,

Welcome to my site! As a big fan of Iron Man and the idea that a real suit like it could be possible with in our lifetime, I started this site to give people some interesting insights of where we are today. Also, if you are looking for an Iron Man suit for sale or you want to learn how to make your own, I found two great sites that offer step by step and are available for sale.

Note: This is a review of two great sources for buying or making an Iron Man suit. Below are two sites if your just looking for a place to get a suit, but I would recommend reading my review first.

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Getting Your Own Iron Man Suit!

Buy Iron Man Suit Finished 3

Believe it or not the suit in the picture above was made at home. More impressive than that is the armor started off as just pieces of paper. Each piece started with a printed fold template on a piece of paper, then cut out, folded, and coated in a resign to harden. It may look complicated, but its actually really easy to do. Once the pieces are cut and folded it only goes together one way, so it ends up being pretty strait forward.


Click  Any Images to Enlarge.

Step 1 – Printing Out the Templates.

Buy Iron Man Suit Step 2


The template has different lines that tell you which way to make your folds, and to make it even easier than that, there are 3D models of how its supposed to come together that you can look at while your doing it. Hovering over each piece on the right shows you where it is on the left.

Buy Iron Man Suit Step 1



Step 2 – Starts to Take Shape.

Buy Iron Man Suit Step 3

Before long its starts to look like a suit and you’ll be amazed that you were able to make it. When I first saw images like the one above, I thought… there’s no way I could ever make that, but after trying, it turned out since you’re only doing one small piece at a time and then just gluing those pieces together, its actually pretty easy.

However, if were to show somebody the finished paper step, they’d think you were some kind of amazing artist, but it was really about as easy as putting together an age 8+ puzzle. 🙂  After you make your folds and add a little glue to keep it together, you then wet each piece with resign (bushing it on with a paint brush) to harden into something you can work with further.

Buy Iron Man Suit Step 5    Buy Iron Man Suit Step 4



Step 3 – Smoothing Everything Out

Buy Iron Man Suit Step 6

Now that you have something to work with, you just need to add a little filler to smooth everything out and add in a little more detail. The filler is easy to work with and after it dries you can further sand and fine tune.

Buy Iron Man Suit Step 7


Step 4 – Paint and Put It On

After you get all of the pieces made and your happy with them, the last step is to paint everything and give it that finished look. Once everything is painted and dried, it’s time to become Iron Man and impress you friends. They wont believe you when you tell them you made it yourself.

Buy Iron Man Suit Finished 5


Where Do You Get Everything?

This is the hardest part. I’ve been doing paper-craft for a while now, and when it comes to getting a good copy of the files, any images or videos of someone working with those files, and an accurate material list, it can sometimes be a challenge and very time consuming. I tried to find a good free design, but they came out looking horrible, but I did however find two low cost sites (both under $30)that have one for sale that looks pretty sweet 🙂


1st Site

BYU Iron Man Logo

If you want to just buy a suit like this, be prepared to spend $3,000 – $4,000, so it is better to make one right from home. They give you the step by step approach to make sure that the costume turns out great, not to mention they offer customer support. It takes about one to two weeks to complete the armor, so that’s plenty of time to get it done before any upcoming event. All the supplies can be purchased at any local hardware store; however, majority of what the customer needs is provided.

There price is $25 and the finished product includes everything from: lights coming from the eyes of the mask, fiber glass surrounding the entire costume, lights coming from the palms of the hands, and even an imitation gun that does a lot of neat things and makes a lot of cool sounds. The instructions are very easy to follow, and all of the pictures and software are all 3D; this makes the process easier to see and find out where all of the parts go.


What Do You Get?

  • Material List (all what you will need for your suit; you can get it in Home Depot or similar)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions Guide (follow this and you will be great)
  • 3D Files (all the files of the suit designed in a 3D Software)
  • Software Viewer (you will get the software necessary to view and print the files)
  • Pictures (these will help you to know if you are in the correct path)
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS: (Explaining the most important steps)
  • And we will clear any doubt you have with our Customer Service



  • Great copy of the suit
  • Really Good Step by Step Videos
  • Much easier to do than you first think
  • Only $25
  • They have customer support
  • They also offer Master Chief (Predator, Robocop, Batman coming soon)
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • The only con is that you still have to build it, however its actually pretty easy and you will find yourself making more than just the suit once you get the hang of it.


Last Thoughts

If you want to have a professional looking Iron Man suit and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on it, this is a great option. Also with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on something that only takes one to two weeks to build, it’s a really good deal.

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2nd Site

Buy Iron Man Suit Logo Small


This guy started out on ebay, and is actually where I got my suit from. He offers the exact same thing as BuyNUE above but for $19.99. The only thing different that you can get from BuyNUE is bundle packs (Iron Man + Master Chief), he only offers Iron Man. The good thing with him is that he has nothing but good comments on ebay.

The Iron Suit Ebay

Well one negative, but its impossible to make everyone happy. Overall I highly recommend his product over BuyNUE unless you want a bundle. They’re both great, its just I have more experience with his and it’s cheaper, but only if you buy it through his site. It costs more on ebay.

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How Close Are We To A Real Iron Man Suit?

Real Life Iron Man Suit Image 1

Alright. If we’re only just talking about an armored suit in which increases the strength along with weaponry of a human being, in that case we are very close. If we’re talking of anything at all with   the main capabilities associated with the actual Iron Man character for instance flight, cheap clean unlimited energy, as well as the repulsor beams, which may never become reality. The present-day variation from the comics is actually even crazier in comparison to the movies, having a suit built completely of nanite which can restore or duplicate itself as well as any weapons instantly when needed.

To begin with, Let me breakdown what we cannot do, then I will treat you to some really awesome stuff we can do.
1. Flight – Like Iron Man

Iron Man Suit Evolution 9We simply can’t have the kind of flying suit that Iron Man’s. Not precisely anyways. The biggest reason in this would be the small jet engines along with the repulsor beams. I actually get into a large amount of detail regarding the flight systems in the suit since they are explained within the comics plus a tad around the technologies as it has been presented generation by generation right from Iron Man MK 1 to 8 here – Iron Man – History of Flight

2. The Repulsor Beams

Iron Man Repulsor BeamOn the list of major components regarding the Iron Man suit is its own repulsor beams, which is actually a particular technology we might not have access to anything at all like this for a number of years. The only real sensible explanation is that they will be some kind of graviton manipulation. That is at this point beyond all of our current technologies that we are unable to even start to speculate the way it might be accomplished, if ever.

3. The Arc Reactor

Mark_I_Arc_ReactorIt is really not completely clear the way the suit’s reactor functions. It’s more compact than a coke can, yet can generate far more energy than a miniature nuclear reactor that is on a VA class nuclear sub. It has got something related to zero point energy along with a constant self-sustaining reaction in which would seem to break a lot of principles regarding thermodynamics that we understand of. It might be some kind of cold fusion, although once again we’ve got absolutely no clue how to even get started doing this in this compact size. Simply no reaction is 100% efficient, therefore the wasted heat on its own coming from this kind of reactor could be more than enough to cook the individual that’s inside.

So What Can We Build Today?

The Suits.

Real Life Iron Man Suit Image 2Alright, that was little bit of a letdown, however what could we build? The answer is actually quite a bit. We’re able to practically make a copy of first MK 1 armor from the comic books today or at least maybe in the next couple of years.



The MK 1 above is not really that different from Raytheons XOS 2 driven  suit below. More powerful than any human, and features heavier armor than the typical person could hold.

The video below illustrates the way the increased strength of the exoskeleton helps a soldier to pick up 200 lbs with no effort whatsoever. The soldier could additionally transport a much bigger backpack along with armor. Finally, this suit minimizes exhaustion for even physical exercises such as push-ups. This suit does most of the work for him.


real life iron man suit protoAlso, a prototype design for future developments  can additionally be found in the background in the video above.



Lockheed Martin also has started their own powered suit that they call HULC.

It’s got lesser overall strength, however it’s said to allow the soldier to transport a 200 pound load, and it also appears that they have functioning units which are un-tethered. Not sure how much of that 200 lbs.  is dedicated to battery packs however.

Now for The Power

Although nothing can beat an Arc Reactor, they anticipate that a tethered option that could walk beside a vehicle which carries a power supply for the suit within Three to Five years. This would mainly end up being used to pick up heavy materials within or outside of vehicles for deployed soldiers. This might be quite helpful in allowing a really small group to rearm a vehicle or a chopper from the field as well as allow a small team to swiftly un-load large materials and get on out of harm’s way. Throughout Six to Ten years, they anticipate to be equipped to energize the suit with its own interior power source. Probably the most restricting aspect is battery power technology, however it is improving.

We would probably have difficulties in discovering a power supply and would have to recharge often. This is really fine, since the MK 1 experienced the very same problem! The MK 1 utilized “transistors” (capacitors probably?) to power the suit as well as make it possible for it to be charged quickly from any wall electric outlet. Sadly, it ran out of power frequently. Nonetheless, so far, so good. You really didn’t expect us to start with a MK 8 dynamic nanite suit did you?

What About Flight?

Like I mentioned before, we can’t have flight just like  Iron Man in the movies, however the MK 1 was lacking that too. Really, it was capable of making shorter leaps or maybe bursts of flight working with “compressed air.” There has actually been designs very similar to this for a long time.

The military developed a series of “jump jets” also known as “rocket belts” that made use of an extremely concentrated mix of hydrogen peroxide along with a catalyzing agent to generate jets of intense steam that could enable an individual to fly primarily up and down, which is precisely what the MK 1 did! Another versions used liquid nitrogen. Both can be dangerous if the fuel tank bursts. Dissolved by means of 90% pure hydrogen peroxide or perhaps frozen by way of liquid nitrogen isn’t the best way to go.

Alright, so that is undoubtedly awesome, however with your flight time measured in seconds plus a world record of just 150 ft this would not really do for any super hero or a soldier.

Into to the Martin Technology JetPack.

In this video, you watch the device ascend to 5000 ft. and then release the E- Chutist around 3000 feet. This was done by remote inside a chaser chopper using a dummy, although that additionally demonstrates how a nav computer or assistant might help with flight in a crisis. The flight system is cumbersome, however it could be fastened to the XOS after which employed to enter hostile areas. Once you arrive, you store it someplace hidden then move in to deal out some Ironman justice. Just don’t forget the spot where you stashed it.

And finally, if that wasn’t enough, flight enthusiasts that would like to really soar just like a superhero or aircraft instead of a small helicopter, there’s a final solution.

Yves Rossy (Jetman) has developed the wearable jet flight pack. It has the disadvantage that it’s not really powerful enough to achieve flight altitude by itself, yet as soon as it’s in the air, it can perform a remarkable flight.

While adventurous creators such as these carry on and develop incredible devices, it is simply a question of time before some form of human size personal flight system is feasible.


Now for the Navy

The Navy could take a different approach to Iron Man suit’s propulsion.

Of course, it does use a ten foot long chaser watercraft and doesn’t fly extremely high, however it might provide a few useful tactical strengths. It also is run on regular fuel. This might propel a Navy Ironman underwater silently then enable him to burst up through the water’s surface and disburse justice on a few modern day pirates.

Last Thoughts – Without a doubt, we can expect something much like Iron Man within the next 3-15 years, if we’re prepared to be satisfied with the Iron Man MK 1 suit.

The numerous ways that this sort of device might alter the battlefield or unsafe police and emergency rescue operations is nearly way too many to list. We might likewise have variations of these kinds of suits being used in factories and manufacturing plants all over the world. We’d no longer require a fork lift or dolly for easy yet heavy as well as exhausting work, we’d become the fork lift.

The advantages to laborers on assembly lines would also be substantial since employees would likely get exhausted significantly less frequently as well as injuries out of strains will be pretty rare.At some point technology will enable these types of suits to work without having the human being whatsoever but that’s still a long ways away.

Or is it…

Hollywood Helps Military Build Real Iron Man Suit.

Real Life Iron Man Suit Hollywood

Talos LogoThe United States military is not trying to keep its interest in developing a real life iron man suit any kind of secret, as well as on Friday, The Wall Street Journal posted fresh information on the project to develop one. The actual government’s blueprints for the suit, referred to as TALOS, are right from sci-fi: they wants the suit in order to have a weapon, deliver bullet defense, keep track of vitals, as well as give its individual wearing superhuman strength and also perception. To produce that, it’s called around the private sector for help, with major names such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, along with Raytheon reportedly getting involved.

Small companies have also stepped in as well but as well as a few from strange sectors plus some taking out of the ordinary approaches. Especially, special effects creator Legacy Effects — which in turn essentially developed movie Iron Man armor for all the films — is now involved, assisting with the design in addition to 3D printing prototypes, based on the Journal. Legacy is supporting on the part of Ekso Bionics, a great exoskeleton inventor, and confesses that what it is undertaking here is a huge change. “When you are doing anything regarding a movie it’s all make-believe,” Legacy founder Lindsay MacGowan explains to theJournal. “Whereas, with regard to the military, that is actually not likely to be the case.”

Developing a good exoskeleton that will manage all the things the military has in mind for the actual suit became one of the largest obstacles, and it is presently there that the Journal states that organizations are branching out. One particular group has started researching sumo wrestlers to figure out precisely how they will find a way to maneuver around with this kind of agility regardless of their own weight. Analysts have in addition been researching insect’s exoskeletons to determine the way that they preserve their strength.

The Journal states that suit designers are expecting TALOS to weigh around four hundred pounds, contributing to the challenge. The Pentagon is convinced that a full 365 pounds of which may well require to be battery packs just to power all the systems that the military prefers the suit to include. For the time being, there continues to be no superior method to power it – an area in which Tony Stark possesses a serious lead on. $10 million has said to be spent on the venture thus far, with virtually no limit to the budget. The military has in the past stated that it would like to release the suit as quickly as 2018. If you just are looking for an Iron Man suit for sale or want to learn how to make one check my other posts.